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"Chiropractic from the Heart is THE best personal and practice growth experience you will ever do. Seriously!! You wanna be ‘in service’ and ‘connected’ from a place of love and integrity then you can NOT afford to miss CFTH. It’s that good. Any of you that have attended Syntropy Mastery training and heard Pat and Aaron talk about ‘dropping in’, this workshop will make that very, very personal for you and enable you to do that very easily and from your place of love and truth. Dr. Stew Bittman is a living legend! You will have a life changing experience, have no doubt!" Liam M


Every Thursday - 12:30 pm PST (7:30 UTC)

A 25 minute break from the world.

Click this Zoom Link to Join In.

Chiropractic from the Heart; Healing the Healers

Donegal Ireland

Saturday 6 May, 2023 10am-6pm; Sunday 7 May 10am-2pm

Limited to 40 Participants!

Suitable for DC's, all allied healers,CAs, students, significant others, practice members.

More Information: Chiropractic from the Heart; Healing the Healers | Facebook

Chiropractic from the Heart in the Netherlands

Chiropractic from the Heart is coming back to Amsterdam!
Well, to The Hague, actually...

Saturday 13 May, 2023 10am-6pm; Sunday 14 May 10am-2pm

Gewoon Chiropractie, Hoge Prins Willemstraat 226 The Hague Netherlands

LIMITED TO 28 PARTICIPANTS! Suitable for DCs, CAs, students, significant others, practice members

More Information: Chiropractic from the Heart in The Netherlands | Facebook


Suitable for DCs, CAs. students, significant others and patients.

We're back to doing these on-site again this year.

Would you love to live, serve & practice according to your deepest values and intentions? Does your head get in the way of practicing and living in alignment with what is true in your heart? Do you go to seminars and get “pumped up” and then “lose it” quickly thereafter?

Join us for a “booster shot” of chiropractic principle, a host of tools to continually grow in consciousness and improve your life and practice, a safe place to release what no longer serves you and, generally, a life-changing weekend to fall back in love with chiropractic and yourself!

Message us on Facebook for more information.

Workshops by Stew Bittman

Private Message me on Facebook or Email Me with questions about any of these events or if you'd like to invite me somewhere else!

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