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2024 Workshops & Events

Heart-To-Heart Mentoring

Using compassionate inquiry into self and focusing on feelings and needs, we can embrace our reatness and bring our highest purpose to our day to day life. We can apply practical, heart-centered tools that help bring to light any thoughts and beliefs that unconsciously block our highest expression, and transform them. This mentoring program is one-on-one and perfect for anyone looking for more joy and success in life.

Join Hillary to Build Personal Resilience

Personal Resilience with Hillary

Every Life Has Its Challenges

Your Heart Has The Answers

It is my joy to help you live your highest vision - able to overcome the stress reactions that deplete you of vital energy and life force ... to be your “best self”, feeling strong and capable, accessing your inner wisdom, resilience, and creativity no matter what is going on in your life or in the world ... thriving with more peace of mind and joy.

Available over 1 month through 4 weekly sessionsin person or on Zoom. Perfect for one-on-one or small group sessions. Also available for ongoing mentoring/counseling.


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Seminars and Talks for Everyone

arrowLiving Your Highest Vision
How to show up in life as our highest selves

arrow Service Without Strings

Learning to succeed and to find fulfillment thru serving others

Prosperity is Your Birthright
Health is Your Birthright
Joy is Your Birthright- love, wisdom...
A Life Without Fear

Stew's Chiropractic Seminars and Talks

arrow Principled Beginnings - A startup and fire up for students and new graduates

arrow How to Live Your Dreams in Practice - Your practice is a reflection of who you are

arrow How to Practice from Your Heart and Succeed
- Tools to open the heart and share your gifts with the world

arrow Philosophy for the Practicing Chiropractor - The reasons why we do what we do and how
to apply them in practice

arrow The Mission of Chiropractic - Philosophy and inspiration

Workshops with Hillary & Stew

arrow Chiropractic from the Heart

A weekend including breathwork, forgiveness work and other tools designed to open the heart and help people realize more of our true selves.

Additional Workshops

(All available as one day or weekend retreat) available for all workshops on:

arrow Compassionate Communication
arrow Prosperity
arrow Forgiveness
arrow Relationships
arrow Relationship as a Path to Spirit
arrow Spiritual Life Skills
arrow Breathwork
arrow Learning to Love Self
arrow Meditation

arrow Couples Advance

Contact Us

If interested in a detailed listing of Inspirational Cd’s CLICK HERE.

For more information on live seminars, booking an event or seminar that you would like Stew and Hillary to be a part of, contact us at 530-318-2374 or Email Us.

Stew and Hillary Bittman seminars and workshops are available locally or globally.

Stew & Hillary Bittman



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