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After a day or weekend retreat. We thank and appreciate your feedback.


I heard Stew Bittman speak at a seminar in Mallorca Europe and it helped reinspire my vision of Chiropractic. I had ben in practice and through various lifes events I was feeling the burn out. His humour and sincerity struck a chord and his words lived on in the CD series he produces. I would heartily recommend seeing, meeting and listening to Stew in person, and afterwards listening to his audio works to keep on smiling on the inside! Thanks Again! - Hagan, Ireland

Everytime I see Stew speak, I leave inspired! He brings laughter, love, and authenticity to the platform and is a treat for all who have the blessing to meet him. stew has the ability to cut thru all the BS and gets straight to it. I´ve seen him bring many audiences to tears in one moment and laughing fits the next. He is a unique man who connects deeply when he speaks and gets to the heart of his people. I'm a chiropractor and I make it a special point to bring my staff along to hear Stew speak whenever possible as they LOVE him we leave inspired every time we see him speak! Stew for president!!! - Aaron

Through the years I have had the opportunity to attend many seminars, lectures, and courses put on by Stew Bittman. It is from this exposure, and having been able to interact with him on a professional and personal level, that I place Stew at the top of my list of ‘Great Chiropractors’. Guided by a heart that seems to be larger then life, and grounded in the philosophy of life and of Chiropractic, Stew delivers care and a message that is capable of moving anyone lucky enough to be in his presence. - Jason

What can I say, Stew is the most peaceful and peace filled friend and brother in chiropractic that I have. Seriously, he is the embodiment of Love, no offense intended by this, it is truly meant as a huge compliment, Stew is like a good dog, he just loves, period. With his loving insight in to the principles of chiropractic he has guided me to grow or helped me to find my own better path many times. Stew has helped me to grow as a human being, as well as a chiropractor. He has helped me to find, develop, realize and accept my own spiritual power. His grasp of and ability to share our chiropractic philosophy is second to non. I Love This Guy! - Gary, Riverdale, NJ

This is the sixth or seventh time I've started over writing this testimonial for Stew. I'm not sure how I can put everything into words... and into just one paragraph. This beautiful spirit in a meat suit has been an immense beacon of light for me for the past 7 years I have known him. He speaks the Truth. Sometimes the Truth is scary... sometimes it's funny when you realize how simple it is. Stew is always there for me to help me see through the nonsensical games my brain likes to play... to help me see, and realize and embody my full potential. I have known Stew for about 7 years but have just recently started mentoring with him. I had fallen way off the path and Stew helped me find my way back... to be able to live-up to my life's purpose, to live, to love, to serve others. Stew's guidance is life-changing. - Dave R.

I have had the good fortune of listening to Stew speak on multiple occasions. While being firmly grounded in the principle of Chiropractic he very eloquently guides you on a journey through the limitless possibilities of Innate. He is one of my all time favorite chiropractic speakers." - Jeffrey Y.

An event with Stew is refreshing to the mind, heart and soul. He shares his "thots" with humor, humility and truth that always leaves me feeling more grounded, more enlightened and more connected. - Ian J.

Lucky for me I discovered Stew on the internet. For several months he guided me as both a chiropractic and a spiritual advisor. Now we communicate occasionally and it is a blessing to know that Stew is always there for me. He is one of very few people with the integrity, character and ability to put people at ease with such gentle power. Thank you Stew for all your help. - Henri R., NY

I cannot say thank you too many times and ever have it be enough for the help that Stew has given me. He is truly a man who walks his talk. In a culture that seems to be in a downward spiral, Stew is a beacon of light and love that will help guide you back to the path of inner peace and harmony with your Creator. I recommend him to anyone who is seeking more than the material world can provide. - Cory W.

Stew has been a mentor, friend and colleague of mine for almost 10 years. I have attended many workshops of his as well as bought and utilized his tapes and materials. You will not meet a more loving and wiser soul than Stew. My wife Danella and I have benefitted from both his teachings and friendship immensely. His integrity is unsurpassed and his heartfelt intentions are always genuine and authentic….he has made a lasting and special impact on our lives. I could not recommend someone more highly.” - Danella & Jason W., Winnipeg

Stew has the unique ability to be totally present with you with no judgement, only deep compassion and love. He is insightful, caring, thought provoking, comforting and kind. I know that when I put myself into one of his breathwork seminars I will learn something profound, and become more attuned with my higher purpose afterwards." - Paul

Thank you for helping to create and hold a space for us to learn and grow in. Guiding us through the breathwork, meditation, and inquiry was a beautiful thing to experience. It was a reminder that as we get in touch with our deep inner layers we move more toward wholeness. Your caring, understanding, and wisdom was felt by everyone in the group. We are all blessed to have your presence to help carry and pass on the sacred traditions of chiropractic to future generations. - Much love and light, Jordan

Just wanted to thank you and Hillary for holding such powerful space for us all this past weekend. I feel such love and gratitude for all those that were present to allow for such deep transformation. I saw it in the eyes of others and am continuing to feel it within myself. I am a bigger brighter and more grounded human being since this weekend and I feel this came at such a perfect time in my journey...As the opening of my practice so beautifully and patiently is waiting around the corner. As I've expressed before, it was an absolute pleasure sharing time with you and look forward to seeing you soon. - Love and Blessings, Emily

What can I say? This weekend was amazing! Stew and Hillary have created a beautiful space for self-rediscovery and "mega-advancement (tm)" of the soul. This weekend recconnected me with my true self, more-so than I have felt in a long, long time. The weekend was full of healing and spiritual renewal. I left with tools to help me stay grounded and WHOLE in my every day life. I now know how to be my WHOLE self... and I now have permission to be that person. And the best part was all the wonderful, amazing souls that I got to share the weekend with. Thank you Stew and Hillary! - Love, Dave

First i want to say thank you so much for this incredible weekend. it truely did change my life. the experience this weekend was awesome. i don't know if words can describe it. the breathe work help me release emotions, thoughts, & experiences that i didn't realize affected me that much. it gave me permission to let go of things that are unconsciously holding me back. there were layers and layers of emotions that i've released. some of the emotions ran really deep. i still don't comprehend 100% of it. the only way i can describe it is that i felt like i was experiencing tremendous grief, like my best friend just died. and that i was going through the mourning period. and it was a process of remembering the erson and then letting the person go. and at the end of the breath work, i felt tremendous relief like a ton of weights have been lifted off my shoulders. i've never experienced anything like this before. it is like years and years of personal growth crammed into a one hour session. i definitely recommend this for prospective attendee. it will change their life. - Jane

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This weekend was just what I needed to re-connect with myself and my fellow spirit beings. Thanks for holding such wonderful space so that we could all do the work. Truth lives within us and yet being human seems to be a constant forgetting of that truth. The work that Stew and Hillary facilitate allowed me to let go and look at my core issues from a place of acceptance, love and foregiveness. Their unique format of combining breath work, communication excercises and meditation is a powerful tool for facing yourself with honesty and compassion. Hillary and Stew provide a safe, serene and loving place to remember the truth that is living inside of you! I recommend this experience to anyone interested in living their lives in the spirit of truth, honesty, compassion, connection and joy. - Love, Allison


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