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Most of us know what to do in order to have more joy and success in our life, but often struggle with actually doing it. Using core values, compassionate inquiry into self, and heart-centered tools, we can bring to light any thoughts and beliefs that unconsciously block or sabotage our highest expression, and transform them. Stew is a master guide in this process. His mentoring is one-on-one and designed to help you manifest YOUR vision and YOUR dreams. Just talking with him on a regular basis can bring on "The Stew Effect", as many of his mentees have called it - a deeper sense of peace and of your own enough-ness.

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Stew Bittman -  Coaching from the Heart


I've been in practice now for 41 years. .... For the last 8 or so, I have been coaching with Stew. I'm not even sure if "coaching" is the right term to describe it.

In my long career I've consulted many practice management coaches, many......many. .... And, I have been able to get very valuable nuggets from pretty much every one of them. Most have taught me better ways to run my practice and I am grateful for all I have learned over these decades..... lessons in profitability, efficiency, capacity, communications, management of employees, marketing, etc., etc.

Frankly, Stew didn't do any of that for me. I initially thought it was what I needed...but what I did get from talking with Stew was something that made all that other stuff work even better..... a kind of inner secret sauce that already lived in one of my many blind spots.

The secret sauce was essentially me being true to myself.

Stew has a knack, an ability, with humor and irony, to remove interference to the expression of authenticity, to facilitate a radical self-acceptance, and to endlessly provide a quirky perspective that facilitates the natural repair and effortless reorganization of whatever is on one's plate...... practice, personal, spiritual, etc.

Quite a natural gift. ADIO for sure.

- Seth Levine

My experience with Stew is difficult to define in words. He helps me get in my zone, in the place that I need to be and from where I am certain and I can think, feel and act in coherence and clarity. In my professional life as a chiropractor I am blessed to work with the innate intelligence and it´s important for me to remain free of interference myself specially while adjusting. My sessions with Stew help to get connected to that place, to remember how to get there. He is pure, simple, and super powerful. He talks always through his own realisations and experiences and that makes him authentic, true and loving. He is an admirable human being, he is an example of congruency and helps me see things clearly and simpler than I see them sometimes

key words to define Stew: LOVE, Heart, Simplicity, Powerful, Congruent, Truth, Grounded, Nature

- Marcelo

I have been coaching with Dr Stew for over 2 years on a weekly basis, I greatly look forward to our chats, not only for the great advice Stew gives in all matters in my life, keeping me connected to my values, and always helping me make decisions through my heart. But also for a great friendship, our conversations are filled with laughter, love and mutual honour and respect. I am honoured to have a friend, mentor, coach and Elder such as Stew, a real blessing in my life. 

Thank you Stew for helping me live a more conscious and connected life.

- Much Love, Neil Finemore

I highly recommend Stew´s coaching for everyone who wants to grow inside which is the foundation for growing in practice or in life. Dr. Stew gets everything out, always finds the button to push in a kind way which helps you to reflect and better understand whats going on inside yourself. Don´t think - DO IT! If you wanna grow...:-)

- Hugs, Max

I have been coaching with Stew for a couple of years. He has not only helped my clinic grow but also helped me grow as a person and a chiropractor. He dispenses his knowledge with wisdom and love.

- Jon

Working with Dr. Stew for me is like driving my reliable and beloved Volvo XC90. Gentle, humble, yet strong and absolutely reliable he gets you to where you need to be. And he doesn’t ever give up on you! :-) I have been working with Dr. Stew (or better vice versa) for more than 3 years now and in every aspect of practice and private life he has been an absolute source of understanding, loving and farsighted elder for me, helping me understanding myself and my values much better and assisting me in getting stronger and much happier in my decisions an as a human being. He is pure love manifested in human form who alway finds ways to put things into a different perspective and helps me to grow through obstacles. Ho!

- Markus



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