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"Chiropractic from the Heart is THE best personal and practice growth experience you will ever do. Seriously!! You wanna be ‘in service’ and ‘connected’ from a place of love and integrity then you can NOT afford to miss CFTH. It’s that good. Any of you that have attended Syntropy Mastery training and heard Pat and Aaron talk about ‘dropping in’, this workshop will make that very, very personal for you and enable you to do that very easily and from your place of love and truth. Dr. Stew Bittman is a living legend! You will have a life changing experience, have no doubt!" Liam M


Every Thursday - 12:30 pm PST (7:30 UTC)

A 25 minute break from the world. Video by Stew

From time to time, we all allow ourselves to be evicted from our heartspace by distractions. Instead of being hard on ourselves, we can instead, in this moment, just jump back into our hearts.

Let’s practice this together, during our weekly zoom gathering, "The Warrior Circle", which we host every Thursday.

Join us for 25 minutes of inspiration and meditation to fill up your resilience gas tank. It's 12:30pm in California, 8:30pm in the UK, 9:30pm in most of Europe...and 7:30am Fridays in Eastern Australia.

Click this Zoom Link to Join In.

A Trail of Breadcrumbs by Hillary and Stew Bittman


A Year's Journey Back to the Heart of Your Relationship

Hillary and Stew Bittman (Authors)

We’re THRILLED to have our relationship book for couples out in the wide wonderful world! We felt called to share what has allowed us to keep our love FRESH and ALIVE, even after working and living together side by side for almost 50 years.

You can find this lovely little book on Amazon. We have just one request: if you enjoy it, would you leave us a review to help share it with others?



Transformational Event - Feeding the White Wolf

There are a very limited number of seats available, so register NOW at

Transformational Event - Feeding the White Wolf



Transformational Event - Feeding the White Wolf



Transformational Event - Feeding the White Wolf

Time: 8:30 am - 4:30pm

Friday March 1, 2024 (the day before the spring Pure and Powerful meeting.)

Location: 210-3476 Glen Erin Drive Mississauga, On L5L 3R4

Cost: $279 (plus HST)

This event, though facilitated by Dr. Stew and Dr. Peter Amlinger, will be completely led and guided by Innate! The spontaneous format allows for us to be very present, allowing space to use our considerable gifts to facilitate healing for whatever is needed.

Here’s what Dr. Erin said ...”I came to this experiential, “Feeding the White Wolf”, wanting to re-discover and re-connect with my authentic self. Over the last few years, I felt like I was weighed down by the circumstances and heaviness of the world and the fallout of that on my life.

“I felt lost and highly incongruent. I had instituted many things to try to regain clarity such as increasing my meditation practice, various courses, and conferences etc. with only limited success.

“Nothing could have prepared me for the heart opening, shedding of old programs that no longer served me and expansion that I received with the guidance of the highly skilled facilitators of Dr. Peter Amlinger and Dr. Stew Bittman.

“Through their combined expertise, they guided us through a series of exercises, tasks, and procedures. Over the course of the day, I found myself becoming more curious and regaining my confidence and connection with my centered self.

“Ultimately bringing me back on purpose. This growth has only continued since leaving that day and I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to work with both Dr. Peter and Dr. Stew in this manner. I highly recommend this experiential to anyone and everyone.”

Living From The Heart: A Couples' Advance Event

Living from the Heart: A Couple's Adance Event

Take your relationship to the next level!

Based on the principles in our recent book, A Trail of Breadcrumbs, this “advance” (we don’t like retreating) will be a unique opportunity to dive deeply back into the heart of your committed relationship, transform what no longer serves it, and learn a bunch of tools to sweeten it.



As chiropractic people, we sometimes complain about folks maintaining their homes and cars more than their bodies. The same can also be said for our intimate relationships. After this weekend, you’ll not only be inspired to give your relationship more of the attention it deserves, you’ll know exactly how to go about it!

WHEN: Saturday 4 May 10:00-18:00/Sunday 5 May 10:00-approximately 13:00

WHERE: Falmouth, Cornwall. The address of the home will be provided upon registration

HOW MUCH: 777£ per couple (includes lunch both days and breakfast on Sunday). See below for accommodation suggestions.

Accommodation suggestions: Camping is available onsite. There is also a hotel within a few minutes walk of the venue: Budock Vean Hotel and Holiday Cottages. There are undoubtedly AirBnB’s and other hotels available in the area as well.

TO REGISTER: Send your payment via PayPal to If PayPal doesn’t work for you, or you’d like more information, email me or send a direct message on Facebook.

Chiropractic from the Heart in Bristol, UK

Chiropractic from the Heart in Bristol UK Chiropractic from the Heart is much more than just a seminar or an amazing experience; it is a healing that will play out in every aspect of your career and every moment of your life. It is a giant step toward living more of your moments connected to your greatest ally: your own heart.

Everything changes with every step you take toward living from your heart: your practice grows, your relationships improve, every aspect of life is better; you become clearer on your values and therefore on how and what to do in practice and in life, and you experience and express more love and joy and peace and resilience—the things you most deeply desire.

LIMITED TO 32 PARTICIPANTS! Suitable for DCs, CAs, students, significant others, practice members ... essentially anyone!

HOW MUCH: "The most your heart dictates to pay." Suggested: 499£ (559€) FOR FIRST TIMERS & 299£ (339€) FOR STUDENTS AND PAST ATTENDEES...and, no one will be turned away (or judged) if the most they can pay is less than that. Please keep in mind that it’ll cost me around 50€ per person for the food.

TO REGISTER: Send your love offering via PayPal to If PayPal doesn’t work for you, or you’d like more information, email me or send a direct message on Facebook


Suitable for DCs, CAs. students, significant others and patients.

Would you love to live, serve & practice according to your deepest values and intentions? Does your head get in the way of practicing and living in alignment with what is true in your heart? Do you go to seminars and get “pumped up” and then “lose it” quickly thereafter?

Join us for a “booster shot” of chiropractic principle, a host of tools to continually grow in consciousness and improve your life and practice, a safe place to release what no longer serves you and, generally, a life-changing weekend to fall back in love with chiropractic and yourself!

Message us on Facebook for more information.

Workshops by Stew Bittman

Private Message me on Facebook or Email Me with questions about any of these events or if you'd like to invite me somewhere else!

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