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Mission Statement for Bittman Bliss

Bittman Bliss Mission Statement

Our Mission: To be a bridge for you to use on your journey back to wholeness; to be enthusiastic tour guides on your trip from the head to the heart. Each of us is a radiant expression of love, joy and unlimited possibilities. Knowing this Truth, we are free to claim it. It becomes our guiding light; the beacon that calls us home. Remembering our wholeness, we become the healing for ourselves and our planet and we live in the unfolding of love.

Our Vision: Through our speaking, workshops, writings and coaching, as well as through the life we lead, we will inspire you to the full awareness that every moment is a choice and our choices determine our experience of life. With humor, passion and heart-opening wisdom, we will support you as you learn to draw forth your strengths and transform your “weaknesses”. Our focus is always on what’s right in you, rather than what’s wrong with you.

Our Payment System: Everything we now currently offer, including our personal counseling, coaching & monthly virtual events, even the products we sell, will be shared with everyone on a “pay the most you can” basis (Read more).

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