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Between Heaven and a Hard Place by Dr. Stew BittmanThe spiritual/healing path comes complete with its pitfalls and pratfalls, its pity parties and power trips, its puns and poetry, its problems and paradoxes. Stew experiences them all on his journey from his head to his heart, and shares them with wit and wisdom, inspiration and irreverence. This warm and honest travelogue will be an inspiration to anyone who knows their thoughts often get in the way of their dreams. Stew lives his dream inside and outside his chiropractic practice. The principles of Life are the beacon on his long, strange trip, and are the thread that holds it all together. Barely…

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Instructions: Press the Middle Arrow to Play - Press the Right or Left Arrows to jump around the talk.


Our Heads Block Us
Be Do-Have
The Safety Pin Cycle
Ask For What You Want Act
As If One Change At A Time
Just Do It


I Am The Change

In this talk, based on the famous Gandhi quote, Stew explores the ideas that one person can and does make a difference, and that chiropractic allows one to make the largest difference.

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Life Without Fear

A Life Without Fear is possible, and becomes a realtiy as we move from our heads to our
hearts. Stew shares the big picture of chiropractic philosophy and of life.



Importance of Forgiveness

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Why meditation
Freedom Being the Observer
Meditation In Action
Preparation for Meditation
A Meditation



Freedom to Choose
Freedom is Presence
A Formula for Freedom
Freedom is Awareness
Freedom brings Responsibility
Freedom is Possible

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Living Your Highest Vision

Living Your Highest Vision Overview
My Path
Becoming Zero: The Physical Plane
The Mental Plane
The Spirtual Plane
Stew shares the tools that have allowed him (and will allow you) to live the fullest expression of his/your dreams through the exploration of the three levels of reality: physical, mental and spirtual.


Drugs Kill
Whether pushed or prescribed

The Problem
The Roots Of The Problem
What We Tend To Forget
Chemical Imbalances: Cause Or Effect
Change The Chemistry Or Change the Context
The Way Out

This talk will equip you to make more informed healthcare decisions. Stew examines the problems inherent in a healthcare system that relies heavily on prescription drugs.

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The Miracle Within

The Miracle Within
Expressing the Miracle
What Blocks the Miracle - Thots
What Unblocks the Miracle - Chiropractic
Getting the Most From Your Adjustment
The Big Picture

In this powerful talk, Stew explores the miracle of Innate Intelligence, how chiropractic relates and how one can get the most from their adjustments.


Open Your Heart To Life

What Goes Out Comes Back
Open Your Heart – Our BS
Opening Your Heart – Forgiveness
Opening Your Heart – Compassion
Opening Your Heart – Gratitude
Opening Your Heart – Faith
Wear Them Down With Love



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Philosophical Considerations
Do Vaccines Work?
Are They Dangerous?
Benefits of Childhood Diseases
Dangers of Multiple Vaccines
Big Money
Legal Issues


Kids Talk

What if Every Day Was Earth Day
How to Grow Big and Strong
Being Happy Healthy Kids
Things that make kids bigger and stronger.

A live workshop just for kids, simple health thots just for them.

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